Species Mithra
Gender Female
Residence Windurst
Job Thief
Affiliations The GMs
Her Moogle
Friends Kazz
Likes Final Fantasy XI
Dislikes Being ignored
Not being in a party
Collecting Spoils
First Appearance Entry No. 1

Kiro is the main character of Scott Ramsoomair's other webcomic Adventure Log. She is a newbie Final Fantasy XI player who tries her best to adjust to the game's environment but usually does so with little success. She is also left handed.


Log Entry #1Edit

Kiro adjust to her new home in Windurst. (Read more here)

Log Entry #2Edit

Kiro meets up with her friend Kazz who helps her adjust to the rules of the game and gives her a link pearl so they can keep in contact. (Read more here)

Log Entry #3Edit

Kiro participates in her first battle but in doing so learns the "wonders" of collecting enemy spoils. (Read more here)

Log Entry #4Edit

Kiro attempts to find a job class that suits her but learns that not everything is as easy as it seems. (Read more here)

Log Entry #5Edit

Kiro learns the downsides of having a link pearl. (Read more here)

Log Entry #6Edit

Kiro suffers the pain of rejection after attempting to look for a group. (Read more here)

Log Entry #7Edit

After many struggles Kiro may have finally found where she belongs. (Read more here)


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