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Catch Up
Catch Up
Year Published 2018
Parody Of The development of Kingdom Hearts 3
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Transcript Edit

Strip 1 Edit

Unnamed executive: Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts 3 dev team, everyone.

Unnamed executive 2: As you know the selling point of Kingdom Hearts is it's rich story. So before we start, why don't we bring you up to speed!

Strip 2 Edit

Unnamed executive 2: Let's start, shall we ?

Strip 3 Edit

Square Enix employees get blasted with a storm of text

Strip 4 Edit

Unnamed executive 1: Now it's important to realise when we say darkness, we really mean lightness.

Unnamed executive 2: Yes, because you see...

Strip 5 Edit

Loud splat sound occurs causing unnamed executive 2 to look back at employees.

Strip 6 Edit

Unnamed executive 2 looks at the Square Enix employees whose heads have just exploded

Strip 7 Edit

Snake comes out of executives' mouth.

Strip 8 Edit

Unnamed snake creature 1: The lore is deep, sssire...

Unnamed snake creature 2: Yesss ! The humans will be no match for background this totally epic.

Unnamed snake creature 2: The surface world will soon be ours !

Unnamed snake creature 2: Prepare the next team ...

Strip 9 Edit

Leo: .. and that's why Kingdom Hearts 3 took so long to make.

Aeris: I believe about half of that.