Aries, Leo, and Pantsman login to Left 4 Dead and are stuck with an computer-controlled player (bot) Coach who takes possession of the medkit and starts healing himself over a papercut.

Aries then steps into spitter acid (causing her feet skin to dissolve) and is unable to move as coach decides to use another medkit on her. She also gets strangled by a smoker, gets pounced on by a hunter, and then punched in the face by a Tank while Coach is doing nothing to help and or making thins worse by whistling, tinkering with a jukebox, and forcing Aries to stand still while he heals her in the middle of a Tank attack, Aries then finds a shotgun and aims it at Coach, who is relieved that they found guns, but Aries shoots him in the head, he appears deceased but he gets up saying "I dont think I like your attitude" revealing he is literaly a bot (a terminator to be specific) and the strip ends.


Coach: (greeting the now logged on aeris) My friends call me Coach. I guess you can too.

Aries (playing as Nick): Greeeeat, a bot.

Leo (as Ellis): (been playing for a longer time) Aw Shucks! He ain't too bad.

PantsMan: Well shit. (realizing he's now Rochelle and gender bended to fit the roll)

Coach: A Papercut! Hol' on, I'm healin'.

Aries: Oh fuck, It's using the medkit.

+Aries is standing on Spitter acid screaming with her feet/ankle bones showing+


Coach: (Preventing her from moving out of the acid by healing her) Hol' still, Let me heal you.

+Aries is behind Couch and is getting strangled by the Tongue of a Smoker+

Aries: FUCK!

Coach: (Completely unaware) *Whistles*

+Hunter pounced Aeris+

Aries: FUCK!

Coach: (Fiddleing with jukebox in background) Hey! This thing plays the Midnight Riders.

+Aries is punched in the face by a Tank+

Aries: (Unable to move due to bieng healed) Fu-*punched*

Coach: Quit Fidgeting and let me heal you.

+Aries aims newly obtained shotgun at Coach+

Aries: Fuck this!

Coach: Looks like we've gots ourselves some weapons

Aries shoots Couch in the face

It appears Aries has gotten rid of the unintellegent AI and is pleased with her self before:

+Coach getting up+

Coach: Mister...

+Zoom in on Coach's half destroyed face revealing his Terminator-Style mechanical skull+

Coach: I don't think I like your attitude.