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Leo once again demonstrates his genius in the market business.
Comes with a Free Frogurt
Year Published 2010
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Comes with a Free Frogurt is the 284th VG Cats comic.



In progress

JohnnyHey kid, you need to see what I got.
LeoGasp! A monkey's paw!
JohnnyThat's right. It'll grant you four wishes. Anything you want.

For the right price.

LeoWait, why don't you use it and just wish for money?
JohnnyBecause after I'll sell it I'll have your money!
LeoI'll take eight!

Monkey paw! Monkey paw! Monkey paw!

Leo leaves the alleyway.
LeoI know exactly what I'm wishing for. I've waited on it my whole life.
A game titled 'Doke Nokem Forever' appears out of thin air.
LeoI can't believe it! I'm actually going to play the game of my dreams and embodiment of my childhood!

Pipe bombs, pig cops, rechargeable shields, strip.. Wait...

Rechargeable shields?! Change to MY nostalgia?! UNACCEPTABLE!


Leo calms down.
LeoYou know what, I'm okay with this. Like anything games change and adapt with time. My old games were great and I'll always have fond memories of playing them. I'm just happy to capture a bit of that sentimentality in a new game. You know what, monkey paw? You're aaaalright
An exclamation point appears next to Leo and he grins as he gets a devious idea and makes a wish on the paw. Just then a giant hotdog appears next to Leo and he falls on his knees and screams in anguish.


Leo suddenly realizes something and opens the game's box which turns out to be empty. He then falls on his knees again in anguish but this time he doesn't scream.