Johnny Evilguy
J. Evilguy
Would you like some pocky and strawberry testi-er I mean balls?
Species Human?
Gender Male
Job Formerly: Testicle Shop Keeper
Now:Comic Book Shop Keeper
Affiliations Aeris,
Likes Testicles,
ripping people off
Dislikes Ternaldo,
First Appearance [[Nutsack]]

Johnny Evilguy is a Testicle Shop Keeper turned Comic Book Shop Keeper who has an affinity for testicles, especially "Tommy's left testicle"

Appearance Edit

Johnny Evilguy wears a black robe with a hood that conceals half of his face with the shadow it projects, he also has a goatee. Other than the artwork of the comic, his appearance hasn't changed at all.

Comic appearances Edit

Johnny is first seen as a quest giver for Aeris who sent her to eliminate his opposite, Tommy Goodboy, and retieve his testicles as proof of the kill. Aeris returns to him and presents the quest token to him and watches in horror and disgust as johnny does a taste test to identify if the testicle is in fact tommy's, he then rewards her with a bag of testicles, much to her dismay.

Afterwards he is seen in his shop "Johnny Evilguy's shop of honesty" with leo walking in asking to buy a new money pouch as his old one exploded from being overstuffed, fearing bankrupcy as his stock was nothing but nuts and seeing an easy oppertunity he, contrary to his shop's name, lies to leo and tricks him into wasting all his money on a single nut Johnny convinced him was a rare item called "the orange saphire of might"

In the "VG Cats Animated Series: Episode 1", Johnny has an electronics shop, but then changes it to an animal shelter when he gets Leo from the police. He wants to try some sort of experimental surgery on Leo in the episode.

It was first thought that Johnny Evilguy committed suicide in "Ode To a Python". But he came back in "Comes with a free yogert" selling Leo a monkey paw.