Mr. Leo Leonardo II


Leo Leonardo, the 2nd

Species Cat
Gender Male
Residence Britannia
Job Scientist?
Family Leo (son),
Mrs. Leonardo (Wife)
Dislikes Aeris
First Appearance [[The Comedian]]

Mister Leo Leonardo II (The 2nd) is the father of  Leo Leonardo III (The Third)

Litle is known what happend to him after Leo Leonardo III was born. He's the husband to Mrs. Leonardo. He is from Britannia, though it's unknown if Mrs. Leonardo is.

When he heard that his wife was having a baby, Mr. Leonardo jumped with joy, but when she told him it was a small chance of their child turning retarded, he became worried over the family legacy.

He died when he poured three kilograms of raw plutonium into the "Ecto 1", the Ecto 1 being the main form of transport in the movie Ghostbusters.

First apeared in VG Cats # 259: "The Comedian".  VG Cats # 259: The Comedian

Last seen (thus far) in the fan comic "Ghostbusters" VG Cats fan comic Ghostbusters