VG Cats
Make it Double
Don't mess with Ash.
Make it Double
Year Published 2008
Parody Of Pokémon
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Make it Double is the 252nd VG Cats comic.



AerisPrepare for trouble!
LeoMake it-...
AshNo. NO! This stops right now.

Ten years. Ten fucking years you've been following me. And for what? PIKACHU?

You want him so badly? Here! Take him! ...He's not even shiny...

I've got like eight more! Because you see I haven't been wasting my life stalking some kid. I caught my own Pokemon! I've got so many Pokeballs I don't know what to do with them! I'm fucking tripping balls! Ask Oak!

Professor OakBitch be tripping balls!
AshStay the hell out of my sight.
Long pause.
MeowthMeowth, that's right!