I am the Pants!
Aliases Scott Ramsoomair,
Peter Pantsless
Species Human
Gender Male
Residence The Pants Cave
Job Super Hero
Affiliations Major Payne (assistant),
Leo (sidekick),
Dr. van Kruglor (Nemesis)
Fetal Five
Friends Aeris,
Family PantsWoman (ex-girlfriend),
Bugsy (pet)
Likes Pants, Cats, Little Umbrellas, Video Games
Dislikes Vodka Coolers,
Dr. van Kruglor,
First Appearance I Like Bunnies

PantsMan is a supposedly wealthy webcomic writer by day and an incompetent vigilante by night, he protects the city from evildoers and the somewhat equally incompetent Dr. van Kruglor. PantsMan is an author insert character meant to represent VG Cats creator, Scott Ramsoomair.


Pantsman concealse his identity by wearing boxers and sometimes underwear on his head, and a pair of jeans around his neck providing a two pronged cape. Like other characters, PantsMan's appearance changed over time, his first costume had a green shirt and a pair of heart patterned boxers for his mask, his latest costume features a red shirt with short red sleeves, long blue sleeves underneath, a long belt from his shoulder to his waist, and a blue trousers for his mask.

In a more recent strip featuring him protesting against the already dead SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) his cape is slightly more torn up than usual and his pants, sleeves, and mask have a darker, purple hue. however that could have been just the lighting.

He is also slightly fat, as seen in strips #234 and #311.


PantsMan may possess superpowers like shooting electricity from his hands and converting his pants-like cape into an over-sized fist, however these may just be powers he gave himself in the game "City of Heroes"




PantsMan's embarrassing youtube video.

PantsMan is a lazy and incompetent superhero, with somewhat low self-esteem but at the same time possesses a smug sense of superiority. He enjoys video games and other forms of nerdy media. He also likes cats and enjoys making them into marionette puppets after they die and because of this odd habit he lost his girlfriend.

He's also a major drunk and is extremely vulnerable to Vodka Coolers which causes him to revert into his powerless and half-naked alter-ego "Peter Pantsless", which is implied to be an extremely pathetic sight. He also seems to be a bit of a prankster and has on occasion, played his practical jokes on the Justice Squad, most especially Batman and at one time egged the Batmobile.

When people started bashing Aeris for aborting Leo from time, Pantsman responded by aborting 5 more fetuses, dressing them up and putting them up on display in a theater, possibly hinting insanity, or he just likes or supports Aeris that much. lol