Rumors tell about an unused vgcat that has never been to a comics, until its was inspired by all users to create a simple character with cyber style from concles and named her ronin the vgkitten. (Ro) A young female cat character who was smart, and kind to all vgcharacters, even the main 2 aeris and leo. She was sent to be a 3rd vgcat gamer. That has a chance to portal into there world as a (real) vgcat, as a duagther of aeris and Leo. She wanted to make harmony to all game series.

but she got bigger problems like how she encountered none-helpful people, and not going so well in the end...

Stanley parable narrator: annoys her to take a red door, While she desperately needs to pee.

The amnisha grunt: likes ronin.a is gift of flowers, but what if pewdiepie will find out?

Little dose she know that she has a dark past... (Heres the spoiler... We will never know!)

Also she has a golden magical DS that creates temporary pathways through out the game. (Only for puzzling levels)


She was younger then aeris and Leo, Blue and green multiple colored eyes, but yellow/white fur. A long Brown shaggy hair dew, green rain coat, red scarf around her neck with USB cable and the plug in for both ends, yellow glowing crystal ball on her chest, dark-blue shorts, pink gloves, brown sendals, and a yellow heart shaped pixelated symbol on her back.


  • Via access to any game in reality between, even Amnisha the dark descent and Stanley parable.
  • Create drawing/mods to give. (more like Scribblenauts)
  • Create mod/copys of herself to fool enemy's.
  • With a DS can use a touch screen to cast many spells by drawing shapes on what's on the dual camera. Exemple:
    • Circle like a bubble on herself to barricade from attacks.
    • Scratch touch pad on enemy to make fires. (Duh!)
    • The X crossed on water to freeze into ice. (Its ice)
    • Making the cube on a gap to create floating platforms.
    • A zig-zag that points at enemy to summons thunder bolts
    • Make a stare shaped to make a glowing lantern. (For leading away from darkness.)
    • A heart shaped symbol on any player or herself to heal wounds.
    • Touch the object or player to pick up and move.
    • A moon shaped symbol that casts darkness to hide.
    • A water wave line makes a flood of blue transparent water.
    • Trace into a spiral multiple times to create twisters to lift enemy's into mid-air. (Even herself)
    • A thing... I don't know... Uh... Immature fut@n@ri!? (Ignore that)
    • A raindrop that can make you clima- Wait... What!!?
    • The cloud that can change weather into rainstorms.

      This is Phinto's art work of