For the comic, see SUPER EFFECTIVE:Green (comic).
Species Human
Gender Female
Residence Pallet Town
Job Pokémon Trainer
Affiliations Professor Oak
Friends Ivysaur
Likes Tentacles, Drugs, Muscles
First Appearance Green (comic)

Green is a new character in SUPER EFFECTIVE. She was the first female character introduced in the series, and has made rare appearances throughout the comics, however recently she began to make more frequent appearances.


Starting out! With tentacles!Edit

She first appeared at Professor Oak's lab a while after Red and Blue had left, where she was hoping to pick her first Pokémon, however since Red and Blue already took two of the three starter Pokémon, that left Green with Bulbasaur as her starter which she was quite delighted about due to the fact that it had tentacles (aka: vines), quite possibly because as we all know hot animated japanese girl + tentacles equals some things should really! And we mean REALLY! Be left unsaid...

Beginning the journey... with violence and drugs!Edit


Freaking awesome.

Soon after departing from the lab, she and her Bulbasaur come across their first patch of Pokémon infested grass, but rather than challenge the adorable Pokémon within to a battle, Green proceeds to mow down the little guys with her lawnmower, sending bits and pieces of grassy blood and gore everywhere. She then reveals her training method to Bulbasaur, which does not rely on battling, but rather it relies on "drugs"... lots an loooots of "drugs"! After forcing a box full of the hazardous steroid-filled sweets into the little guy's maw, it gains not only enough experience and muscles to outclass a Machamp in heat, but also enough to evolve into Ivysaur.

Quotes: Edit

  • "Oh,you're so silly, Gramps. It's me, Green!"
  • "Oh, sweet! Tentacles!"
  • "That and DRUGS! Loooots of drugs."
  • "Freaking beautiful."