Scott Ramsoomair

Scott Ramsoomair at the 2010 Anime Expo

Scott Ramsoomair (Born March 24, 1981) is the author of VG Cats. Scott has also worked as the illustrator of the webcomic Digital Purgatory. Scott lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He is also the author of the official Final Fantasy XI webcomic Adventure Log and the Pokemon-based webcomic SUPER EFFECTIVE.


Scott named the main protagonists of VG Cats after the two cats he owns, Leo and Aeris, Scott describes this association as "in name only." Scott owns other cats, one of then is named "Ronin". Scott has said that Ronin would not appear in the comics. On July 10, 2007 Scott got a new kitten named "Bugsy", which he gave the nickname "Hell with Claws". Ramsoomair also recently got a ferret called Yuki. Leo was euthanized in July of 2010

Opinions Regarding Violence in Video GamesEdit

In an interview from CBS News, Scott Ramsoomair said that "They [Conservative groups, watchdog groups] condemn violent games and media even though they do not play or watch such material." Scott also describes BMX XXX as "a horrible game, but not for its content. It was just a very bad game. But people hear nudity and everyone is up in arms." Scott also made a series of VG Cats comic strips entitled "Jack Thompson's A Christmas Carol." It was a parody of A Christmas Carol, casts Jack Thompson in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, likening him to the Charles Dickens character.